Welcome. This is a place where logicians can:

  • Solve logic problems using our awesome, interactive problem set interface. Fill out truth tables, construct models, test arguments – and all of it can be checked for correctness automatically. To view all problem sets hosted here, visit the problem sets page. Or and take a quick test drive with our demo problem set.
  • Create a course to house problem sets and organize other class data, like announcements, lecture materials, and course syllabus. See all the courses using our platform or create your own course on the courses page.
  • Create problem sets to share with students, friends, and family!!! (Well, maybe not family. But certainly other people of some sort or another.) To create your own problem sets, create a course first, and then go to the Problem Sets section on your own course page. It take all of 30 seconds to set up a course, so don't hesitate!
If you'd like to learn more about what you can do on this website, what this project is about, and who's behind it, head over to the about page.
This web platform was first developed for Harvard's introductory deductive logic course, EMR17. You can view the EMR17 course page right here.